Wine, Raven & Finch: Myths & Facts

The Finch. Most famously known as Darwin’s Finches, the Finch is one of nature’s most adaptable species – able to make speedy evolutionary changes within just a few generations in response to environmental conditions. Darwin theorized that the different species of Finches on the Galápagos were uniquely related to individual islands. There’s not much else to say about the Finch except that the cute little bird is known for its cheerful song, and when a bunch of them get together we call them a “charm of finch” – like we might say a “bevy of quail”, “a party of jays”, a “gaggle of geese” or a “an unkindness of ravens.”

The Raven. Far to the north of Ilwaco, the Haida people say that the Raven is both Trickster and Creator and is the spirit who brought man and woman together. As the story goes, the great bird discovered a tribe of creatures who were trapped in a clam. He coaxed the timid beings to come out of their shell, and lo, they became the first men in the world. But the Raven soon grew bored with these awkward creatures who seemed to spend much time staring at their navels, and so decided to find companions for his little tribe. In the sea, he discovered a group of female humans trapped in a mollusk called a “sea cradle” and freed them. Finding the interaction between the two sexes to be highly entertaining, the Raven was no longer bored. Thus, many Haida myths suggest that the Raven is one of mankind’s greatest providers. In real life, the bird has coexisted with humans for thousands of years. Possessing the largest avian brain, it is said to be the smartest of all birds, with intelligence on par with wolves. In fact, Ravens have been observed to manipulate animals into doing work for them, to remember the locations of food caches and later stealing from them, and to hoard shiny objects to impress their friends.

Wine. Wine has also coexisted with mankind for thousands of years. In fact, the word “wine” is often considered to be a “wandering word” – a word so old and so spread out among languages and cultures that it is very difficult to know where or when it actually originated.

Raven & Finch Wine: A cozy wine bar at water’s edge, originating in 2008, and bringing it all together in the Port of Ilwaco at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River.